Monday, November 19, 2007


It was a thrilling moment. The seconds tick, and when the clock says zero, the girls soccer bench players rush the field to meet the players already there to celebrate their first ever (that's right, first ever) state championship.

And it wasn't anywhere: it was in Hershey Park.

The drive, yes, was two hours. But, was it worth it? Absolutely.

Checking in around 4:30 for a 5:00 game I got my media ID and proceeded to take the field. HersheyPark Stadium takes around 15,000 people--a far cry from Teamer Field.

The game started up quickly, with Conestoga coming out in the first half scoring two goals. At left was the first goal, headed in by Casey Steidle.

Around this time I learned an important lesson: I like to shoot low to the ground to be more "ball level" as opposed to "people level"--it adds a neat effect. However, not recommended for soccer when they kick the ball right at you, and you're torn between getting the shot or getting out of the way.

Another shot I really liked from early in the game was this one: This focus is a bit soft on this, but the intensity, I think, comes through.

Well, the game continued on until the one minute mark came up in the second half, and realizing there is no stoppage time or no stoppage of the clock, for that matter (I'm so used to football), I quickly switched lenses from the big zoom to the wide angle, and just in time.

As the clock expired, the 'Stoga bench players and coaches rushed the field. And I, along with the other photogs, ran out with them.
Something about it, I guess, says victory. The one girl with her hand in the air helps out. And the slow shutter makes for a lot of movement; unintentional, but it's an effect. This isn't likely to make the paper, but it certainly is a memory. Sharing in the team's excitement, running on the field, holding the camera up on top of the huddle in the center, was something special.

And then there's the classic trophy raising:

It was a really special night as a photographer to shoot a very special team, who took home the state title.

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