Monday, November 12, 2007

Pepping up the troops

The Pep Rally is, well, the pep rally. Basically, the same stuff every year: the announcement of the homecoming court, band and cheerleader performances, random athletic events including floor hockey, Mr. Husband--the works. So the challenge is always trying to be creative. Shooting indoors is not as fun as outdoors also, and I shot everything with a flash; I have not really figured out the whole flash stuff too well. Nevertheless, that day I was in search of a cool shot, with full knowledge that it likely won't get in the paper. (It didn't get in the paper.)

This shot was taken just before the pep rally was to begin, with the band warming up in the background. The two chairs are the chairs of the homecoming king and queen, who would be announced. It's kind of a fun shot--looking head on at the coveted seats with the red gym line sending your eye straight back to the band.

Another great part about the pep rally is the backgrounds. This year it took place in the gym because of the pouring rain outside, so that provided for students to be the background of the shots:Mental note: Add earplugs to the photog backpack, as shooting the band right up next to them can get kind of loud:
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