Monday, November 12, 2007

From Behind the Lens

Welcome to "From Behind the Lens." I am a photographer...or photo journalist. I've been in photography for several years now, with my favorite kind being sports photography. At left, a significantly younger me is posing with a baseball player--I don't have any more recent shots. That's the funny thing: as a photographer, I really don't have that many pictures of myself.

I have freelanced for a number of papers over the years, but my most permanent position is on The Spoke. I've shot many sports over the past three years, and I really enjoy the challenges involved and the new things you can try as a photographer. So, in "From Behind the Lens" I'll try and keep you up to date with my latest assignments and photos and share some of the (sometimes funny) stories that arise, being a photo journalist.

I post all my best photos online, here.

This is now November, so I'll backtrack a bit in future posts on the assignments I've covered in the past. So take off your lens caps and fasten your seatbelts...

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