Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Look at Valley Forge Park...

When the idea first arose about having online photo galleries, I remembered how other papers put up lots of scenic shots their photogs have taken. And, for The Spoke, what's more scenic than Valley Forge Park?

So, I guess it was a full two months ago, I set out with a friend, trying to capture the essence of the park. We went in mid to late afternoon, where the lighting would be nice with the sun on its way down.

I don't shoot too much scenics during the year, so it was certainly a change of pace: being able to frame shots, and perfect settings that I just can't do with sports.

It is a little nerve-wracking, knowing that these monuments aren't going anywhere, and you should be able to get just a perfect composition, or a more though out one at least, in contrast to something that happens right away. As I said, it's a change of pace.

But the beauty and the history of the park makes the job as a photographer much easier.
There's something about this pic. It's a weird perepective, looking at a slant from a monument to an out of focus tree, but it's an interesting shot, I think.

The arch is the most iconic feature of the park, and it's enshroudment in the flora adds some drama.

But the slowness of scenery shooting picked up, and the sports instinct buzzed in my head, when the deer showed up.Click here for more photos

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