Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Police beat...

As mid term exam time rolled around again for Conestoga, this week was supposed to be a relatively Spoke-free and distraction-free week. Well, I was wrong. This time, the culprit was breaking news, and leaving books behind I dashed out the door to cover two breaking news stories.

The first breaking news came mid day on Saturday, when a witness called to report a possible bank robbery in progress at the PNC Bank on Rt. 30 in Devon. I arrived at the scene a few hours afterwards (walking there took longer than expected) to find a quiet bank, with a squad car out the back and an ominous sign out front:
Apparently I had missed the action, but a bank robbery is something different from the usual stories, so it was a refreshing change.
The second breaking news event of the week was on Wednesday, when construction crews called the police after digging up aged dynamite the day before, news reports say. Bomb squads were called in to deal with the dynamite. (Read the detailed police report) This sure is explosive news (the pun was irresistible) and warranted a drive down to the construction site.
The road was blocked by Paoli Fire Police, who were not letting anyone pass:
Not to be let down (and make the long drive for naught), we headed around and finally met up with the other end of the road, this time also blocked by fire police. However, the road was open to pedestrians, so off I went. It was roughly a mile (or at least it felt like that) before I came across any other sign that something had happened here. Sheriff's deputies had blocked off the road, and politely told me that the road is "indefinitely" closed.
None of these photos really are that exciting or tell the story that well. Perhaps the best shot of the day was after I walked back from the road block and found the fire police turning a driver away--really the only "action" that even begins to tell the story of the moment:

There wasn't much story here, either (bomb squads had burned the explosives far away, and the news helicopters circling overhead were the only ones who got the shot), but at least it's something to show for a long day--and long week--out responding to the breaking news.

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